Ahem. That is to say, I have achieved Early Release from the boot (the four weeks will be up on Friday), and am now back to the ankle brace I was wearing prior to surgery.

Man, I had really grown to hate this thing in March. Now? It’s my bestest friend. Because it isn’t the boot.

I’m sitting here in my jeans — jeans!!! I haven’t worn these things for almost a month!!! — and I could put on a second shoe if I really wanted to, and I could also drive, or walk to the bank to deposit checks, though I’m not going to do that because it would be really easy to overdo this. I’ve already discovered that we’ll still be going down stairs the two-feet-on-one-step method for a while; trying to walk down them normally produced a twinge that said clearly, you’re not ready for this yet. Okay. Fair enough. Heck, I still feel off-kilter after (nearly) four weeks of having my right foot be higher than my left. Standing flat feels like my left leg is now longer than my right.

Physical therapy starts Thursday. I am very much looking forward to it.

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  1. Anonymous

    “Ma’am, I’m afraid that your vehicle has been booted for excessive parking and traffic violations. According to our records, you have one hundred forty-six outstanding parking tickets and sixty-two outstanding moving violations.

    “No, we never make mistakes. You are clearly and unmistakeably ‘Marie Brennan,’ not someone else with some foreign name.”

    I bet that sounds better to you than the other boot does…

  2. zunger

    Congratulations! And much rejoicing, akin to that of the whatever-it-is-evil-Fraggle-thing in your userpic. 🙂

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