in which I blame the gimpy feet

I’ve reached this weird point of procrastination, where I feel like I’m putting off practically everything until I get out of this damned boot. Folding laundry? I can do it later. Cooking anything? We’ll get back to that in a week or so. Research reading? I have no idea how I manage to blame this one on my foot, but I do. Everything can wait until I’m more mobile again.

So if you haven’t gotten a reply to some e-mail or LJ comment, blame my foot. It’s what I’m doing.

Things I am looking forward to, once I’m out of the boot:

  • Wearing two shoes again.
  • Wearing something other than sweatpants.
  • Carrying things down the stairs without worrying that full hands will compromise my already-compromised balance badly enough for me to fall.
  • Taking a shower without being paralyzed by an utterly irrational fear that I will somehow, against all odds, contrive to slip and fall and rip the ligament apart again.
  • Driving.
  • Physical therapy.

Yes, I really am looking forward to physical therapy. Because it’s something I can do, beyond just waiting. As I said after the surgery, this is the boring stage; I’m eager to get on to the stage that involves active progress, even if it’s tedious and/or painful to do.

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  1. d_c_m

    Hello. For what it is worth, I totally understand.

  2. la_marquise_de_

    It is a well known fact that research reading never works unless you have the option to wriggle both feet, wrap them around chairs, tap them etc. it’s a concentration aid.

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