Update on the gimpy feet

So we’ve finished two weeks in the boot; two left to go. My biggest problem at this point is cramping: my right calf is incredibly tight, and my foot isn’t much happier. But I took my foot out of the boot this morning and rolled it over a little spiked rubber ball to massage my arch (being very careful to keep my ankle in position), which helped, and I’ve been stretching the calf as much as I can with toe-touches.

Every so often it gets cranky on me, just kind of aching for whatever reason, but mostly we’re doing okay. Not taking painkillers anymore — haven’t been for about a week — and I’m sleeping better at last.

Which gives me some hope I’ll stop PTFO’ing four afternoons out of five, for two hours at a stretch. kurayami_hime insists this is just surgical recovery in action; she blames a combination of anaesthesia working its way out of my system, and bodily resources being devoted to the task of healing. But now that I’m actually sleeping eight or nine hours at night, it would be nice if I weren’t also passing out on the couch all the time. This is why I haven’t been more productive on large projects requiring brainpower, like novels or game; I can’t seem to stay conscious long enough to make real progress on them! (I have, however, struck a mighty blow against the Paper Monster that eternally tries to eat my office.)

Having posted this, I’m now going to go downstairs and try to stay awake. Wish me luck . . . .

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  1. pentane

    I had to think what PTFO was, but healing does take a lot of energy.

    • Marie Brennan

      I’m trying to cut down on the profanity in my language, but there’s really nothing else that conveys quite the same sentiment as “passing the fuck out.” 🙂

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