Last day of freedom

Tomorrow is the ankle surgery, after which I will be stoned on Vicodin for a while. So if you don’t hear from me, blame the drugs.

Before I go, some linky:

Generic Movie Trailer — oh god, it’s like “Title of the Song.” A hilarious (because accurate) structural breakdown of trailers for the kind of movie that’s trying to win an Oscar, done as a trailer. “And then the music . . . gets . . . hopeful . . . .”

An open letter to conservatives — less funny, but more useful in the long run. Your one-stop-shop for evidence as to what’s wrong with the Republican Party today. Conservatism as a concept, I often think is wrong in the sense of “I disagree with you;” conservatism as it’s most visibly being practiced today in America, I often think is wrong in the sense of “what the hell is wrong with you people?” The letter includes a billion and one links documenting, as it says, the “hypocrisy, hyperbole, historical inaccuracy and hatred” currently afflicting the party’s loudest voices.

Marissa Lingen on “fake swears” — back to the funny. Having recalled it during the course of commenting, I think I will revive “son of a hairless kumquat” as an insult in my repertoire.

“Scientific Romance,” by Tim Pratt — best love poem ever. (At least if you’re a geek.)

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  1. d_c_m

    OH my! The Generic Movie Trailer made me want to barf because it was so accurate. And the love poem – hey I sent it to my Hubby and just may have to repost.

    Be well and I hope your surgery goes fantastically.

  2. leatherdykeuk

    Good luck with the surgery

  3. deadboxoffice

    Best of luck with your impending surgery. Enjoy the drugs. 🙂

  4. wldhrsjen3

    Good luck with the surgery. May recovery be quick and smooth!

  5. la_marquise_de_

    Best wishes for tomorrow.

  6. pameladean

    Best wishes for the surgery tomorrow.


  7. shui_long

    Hope the surgery goes well and you’re back on your feet soon. You’ve got a lot of Victorian London to walk round…

  8. shveta_thakrar

    Good luck with the surgery, and a speedy recovery!

  9. Anonymous

    Praying hard for surgery today. {s}

  10. Anonymous

    Since it’s long after the fact, I’ll congratulate you on a successful surgery :).

    RE: Movie Title, did you see a similar piece the Onion did for cable news?

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