Well, I made it as far as Georgia.

3:30 p.m. — leave Orlando hotel.

1:15 a.m. — arrive in Atlanta airport hotel.

In between, a couple of hours of sitting in the Orlando airport, three hours or so sitting on the airplane hoping Atlanta’s weather would stop sucking enough to let us go there, a brief departure from the plane to grab food, a mad dash out to the runway, some more sitting, a quick flight, a bout of circling Macon, a landing, a leisurely and frequently-interrupted taxi to the gate, an unpleasant stay in line with lots of pissed-off passengers with strange ideas of what airlines “should” do when these problems arise (“they have the planes, just sitting around; they should put them in the air!”), a freezing wait for the hotel shuttle, a shuttle ride, a protracted stay in line while the one hideously overworked concierge tries to clear out this shuttle load before the next one arrives, and then an elevator trip and a long hallway to my room.

In a moment, I will investigate the hotel and see if there is any food to be had, and maybe even a hot tub. I’m dubious on both counts, but apparently today has not ground all the hope out of me yet.

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  1. moonandserpent


    At least you’re not on a bus. At least you’re not on a bus.

    • Marie Brennan

      I am not on a bus. I am not sleeping on the floor of a bus, which story I told last night. Nor am I sleeping on the floor of Newark Airport, in an (empty) bathtub, or on a golf course, which are some of the other locations that got named off in that conversation.

      It is small comfort. As is the Pop Tart I acquired from a well-hidden vending machine. But for hot tubs or anything of the sort, I am SOL.

  2. la_marquise_de_

    May you find food and heat and rest, and may the weather improve soon.

  3. green_knight

    I hope you’ll have better luck tomorrow and a speedy onward journey.

    At least when you’re walking or riding or driving you have the feeling you’re going somewhere, even when you’re hideously behind your schedule, but just waiting for a plane is very, very annoying indeed.

  4. kendokamel

    Blugh! ):

    I hope the rest of your trip home is safe and uneventful!

  5. ninja_turbo

    Ugh. I hope today ends up going better.

    I’m sitting in O’Hare now with a delayed flight pushes me into only haing a standby ticket for a flight to Omaha that might barely let me make my meeting.


  6. wshaffer

    “They should put them in the air!” Dude, it’s not putting them in the air that’s the problem – it’s getting them back down again in one piece!

    Hope the rest of your travels go smoothly!

    • ckd

      “Takeoffs are optional. Landings are mandatory.”

    • Marie Brennan

      Actually, putting them in the air is the problem, or at least part of it — do these people think the planes will fly themselves? Or crew themselves? Or fuel, restock, load, unload, and ground-control themselves?

      People are dumb when they get pissed off.

  7. akashiver

    Ugh. That sounds horrible. I’m sorry.

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