Sheer. Brilliance.

From mrissa and janni: Tattúínárdœla saga

In English, The Saga of the People of the Tatooine River Valley. An analysis of how George Lucas’ science-fictional adaptation of a Middle High German epic (the Himelgengærelied or Song of the Skywalkers) differs from the earlier and less corrupted Icelandic saga text.

I do wish Lucas had chosen the Icelandic text for the exchange between Veiðari and Lúkr — much less whiny, much more badass and amusing at the same time. (You’d be hard-pressed to beat the Norse for deadpan reactions to doom.)

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  1. mrissa

    Deadpan is the only reaction to doom, in my book.

  2. kendokamel

    This is fantastic 😀

  3. zunger

    That is truly brilliant.

  4. kateelliott

    Absolutely. NO ONE beats the Norse for deadpan reactions to doom. And I don’t only say that because they’re my ancestors.

  5. stormsdotter

    I wish Lucas had done a lot of things. Not getting rid of his editors for the prequels comes to mind at the top of the list.

    …yes, my legal name really is Anakin, and I am no longer a Star Wars fan.

    Also, thank you for the link!

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