I feel like a dork.

See, okay — I’ve known for a while that it would greatly simplify my record-keeping if I had a dedicated credit card for business-related purchases. And what with these research trips to London, a decent number of those purchases are made overseas. And, well, the terms this card offers for such things are actually pretty good.

So I’ve just applied for a <snooty tone> Harvard Alumni credit card. </snooty tone>

I mocked kniedzw for getting one; now I’m eating my words. But I’m still going to feel like a giant dork the first hundred times I whip it out to pay for anything.

Edited for userpic change: Because really, if I’m going to do the snooty tone, I need the image to go with it.

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  1. querldox

    Did you check for what their foreign exchange surcharge is? Pretty much all major cards, other than those issued by Capital One, are charging 3% or more, while CO is still only charging the previously standard 1%.

  2. unforth

    I remember when my mom got her Cornell Alumni credit card, it had a picture of the main Student Union and everything. I remember thinking that it was all classy (I was maybe a high school freshman?). Somehow, the Binghamton University Alumni credit card they keep trying to shove at me just doesn’t have the same effect. 🙂

    It’s good to have a credit card just for business, though – I have one – it makes it simple to sort out your finances. 😉

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