ankle update

Surgery at the end of March, after ICFA (which means I can swim in the pool there, yay!) Between now and then, I make friends with Mr. Brace, who is my best guard against sudden catastrophic ankle failure.

Not that I think such a thing is likely to happen — but you really, really don’t want to be proven wrong about something like that.

Sadly, I must also swear off kumite (sparring) between now and my recovery, since it occurred to me that probably falls under the umbrella of “basketball and other activities involving sudden changes of motion, especially lateral ones” that I was told would be hazardous. Since I’m supposed to wait until twelve weeks after surgery to do those things (I can go back to karate after eight), that means I won’t be sparring again until mid-June at the earliest.

Well, at least my kata will get really good.

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  1. kendokamel

    Bummer on the martial arts – but I’m glad you’ll be able to get some fun in beforehand. (And good point on the katas!)

  2. icedrake

    I may have asked before, but cannot find the answer at the moment — what style do you practice? (but yes, probably falls under the whole “strenuous physical activity involving ankles” category 🙂

  3. savageseraph

    I’m glad you’ll be able to make it to ICFA.

    • Marie Brennan

      It would have taken a genuine emergency situation to keep me from ICFA, since I already have my plane ticket and hotel room; the question was whether I would be there in a rigid boot (which would also mean I couldn’t swim).

      • savageseraph

        Actually, I’m going to ba chairing your reading session. I haven’t been going to as many readings as I used to, so I’m looking forward to it.

        • Marie Brennan

          I’d forgotten that! (Glanced at the program when they assigned times to make sure I wasn’t at 8:30 in the morning again, then haven’t looked since.)

          I hope you enjoy it, then. 🙂

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