0 Responses to “Laziness is . . . .”

  1. kathleenfoucart

    Yup. I’ve done that more times than I care to remember… 🙂

  2. fhtagn

    That’s not laziness. That’s environmental awareness. ::grins:: A positive personality trait.

    • Marie Brennan

      Except that I’ll have to return them eventually. Though there’s at least a chance that I will do so in the course of running other errands, and therefore not burn as much gas.

  3. kendokamel

    Oh, thanks for reminding me! (;

  4. Anonymous

    I just logged on to do the same thing!

  5. j_cheney

    The is why I keep my library card # taped to the monitor…

  6. owldaughter

    I did that just this morning.

  7. auriaephiala

    I’ve done that. I’ll return them in a day or so, in any case.

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