fifth in a series of indeterminate length

Thanks to yuki_onna‘s rants about sexist and misogynist Super Bowl commercials, this month’s post on SF Novelists, “Emasculation Not Required,” looks at the trope of useless men and bitchy women.

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  1. vegan_vulcan

    I said it there, and I’ll say it here. . . lovely article!

  2. shadowkindrd

    Excellent article. Just one comment about a comment…

    “Ah, the unshakeable legacy of a country founded by Puritans.”

    The irony of this statement is that Massachusettes was the first state to legalize gay marriage, not to mention having state-wide health care that covered significant others. I can imagine many bumps in graveyards now.

  3. d_c_m


    You are spot on and you say it well. 🙂

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