that’s part of the job done

I haven’t yet gone through my site and scrubbed the Amazon Associates links from my book recommendation pages, but I’ve done the pages for my own novels. Which made me realize how lazy I’d been with those; I was pretty much just linking Amazon. I’ve replaced that with a much more comprehensive set: Powell’s, IndieBound, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Fictionwise (for ebooks), Chapters (for Canada), and Waterstone’s (for the UK).

Having done that, I now put it to you, my loyal LJ readers: are there other stores I should include? I can’t list every store on the planet, of course, but if there are other major online retailers — especially for Canada and the UK — let me know what I’ve missed.

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  1. catherinehaines

    I’d definitely add The Book Depository – – is in the UK, but they have free worldwide shipping.

  2. norilana

    Glad you bought this up. 🙂

    I just added Chapters, Waterstone’s and the Book Depository to my Mansfield Park and Mummies page. Take a look to see what other store links I list.

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