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  1. chrisondra

    I think you’d look good in a Victorian dress, don’t you?! ::grins::

    • Marie Brennan

      One of my unfinished sewing projects is a Victorian dress. But that doesn’t involve risk of frostbite.

      • chrisondra

        I should really learn to sew. I love to craft things, but I do have the problem that I tend to be bad with projects… though if there’s something phsycial, such as a dress, staring me in the eye, it might well be easier to accomplish.

        So many crafts I’d love to do…

        So little time.

  2. chrisondra

    Oh, as a side-note, I thought you might like to know that I’m part of a small, but enjoyable, LJ book club community. I got to pick the book of January, and I picked Midnight Never Come.

    The leader of the club is Matt McFarland, the developer from White Wolf’s Dark Ages Fae.

    I dunno, I just thought you’d like to know your book was being read by him! I’ll stop rambling now!

    • Marie Brennan

      Neat! I haven’t ever played Dark Ages: Fae, but I really liked the book; it was nice to see White Wolf treat faeries as genuinely scary, powerful creatures, rather than the delicate little hot-house flowers they are in Changeling: The Dreaming.

      • chrisondra

        I really liked the Dark Ages: Fae book too. I still love the concept of Changeling, but I do think it could have been executed better. Changeling: the Lost is honestly the only New WOD game that has me wanting to buy it. I still haven’t managed to grab it, but I want to. I hope for brilliance, I do.

        He enjoyed the book, since I’m sure you want to know!

  3. unforth

    I’ve actually been planning to do exactly this kind of thing when I finally start researching the Civil War mysteries. Except that I’ll be wearing the uniform I made for Halloween last year. At least it’s wool…. 🙂 And of course, there’s the 40+ lb. back pack…

      • unforth

        lol. I’ll try not to. When the time comes, I’ll pack up a backpack (a crappy one, not a nice one that distributes weight well) with roughly appropriate gear, and then go camp in the Catoctins (in Maryland, and near a lot of Civil War stuff) or someplace similar (the Shenandoah Valley comes to mind) for a week or so in the winter. I actually think it won’t be as bad to do it long term, because you have at least some chance to “get used to it.”

        I’m more worried about the hardtack….I swear, if there are weevils, I’m not eating it no matter how authentic it is…

        But this is still a plan for the future, not another year or two at least. 🙂

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