Help Haiti

Once again, LJ fandom is organizing a charity auction, this time to raise money for organizations responding to the earthquake in Haiti. The community is , and there are many offers for original fiction, fanfiction, art, music, editing services, and more.

I’ve decided to try something new with my own contribution: a kind of fanfiction of my own work. If you give me an event or individual in English history, I will tell you how the fae of the Onyx Court were involved. Not a full short story, but at least a couple of paragraphs about Blacktooth Meg and the Great Stink of London, or the time Charles Darwin almost wrote a book on the evolution of faeries. (Or whatever.)

Depending on what you pick, I may end up liking the result enough that I’ll ask your permission to make it canon. 🙂

Bid here; read the post for details on how the auction is being run. And look through the rest of the community for other things you might be interested in. The money is going to a very critical cause, after all.

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