things the human body can do

For matociquala and anybody else with a rock-climbing hobby: I think somebody flipped the gravity for a moment.

For any gamers wondering what “Quick Draw” looks like in reality: Even in slow motion, you can hardly see him fire. (Skip the first minute or so; it’s just them talking, and the guy’s kind of full of himself.)

For anybody who thinks old people can’t run races: The Legend of Cliff Young. (Reminds me of the article I read about the Tarahumara in northern Mexico — specifically the line about how they regularly run ultramarathoners into the ground, and do it in rope sandals while stopping for smoke breaks.)

And then one that has nothing to do with athletic feats, for anybody who’s a fan of Monty Python, Star Trek, or both: CamelotTrek.

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  1. d_c_m

    For any gamers wondering what “Quick Draw” looks like in reality:
    That’s what Eleanor liked to do on the weekends.


    Thanks for sharing and huzzah to the runners!

  2. moonandserpent

    Have you read “Born to Run”? Fantastic book, focusing on the plight and the physics of the Tarahumara.

  3. ckastens

    Excellent links, thanks! They make me think that video games maybe aren’t so far fetched!

  4. matociquala

    That’s a parkour move in the middle there. I think I just saw a fictional friend of mine.

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