talk about misplaced effort

Dear Brain,

Did we really need to run upstairs so as to type out 563 words belonging to the third book of a trilogy for which we have not yet written the first book?

Did we really?

I mean, what you interrupted was the cleaning of the living room, so it’s no big loss, but still. Devoting that energy in a slightly more productive direction would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. beccastareyes

    My brain once insisted on writing the last hundred words to a story I had barely started, and needed major revisions, since it was written five years ago. This was around midnight, and I was pulled out of bed for it.

  2. yuuo

    I think this is the lament of every writer. I’ve been pulled out of bed to write things that I wouldn’t get to for another year or better.

  3. cloudshaper2k

    Well, considering I have the outline to the epilogue for a set of stories I haven’t outlined yet . . . and often fight the urge to write it . . . this doesn’t strike me as unusual.

  4. green_knight

    It’s aliiiive!

    I love attack novels. They may be inconvenient, but they beat the hell out of the alternative.

  5. j_cheney

    Why yes, we really do…

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