Three things

1) I’ve made two additions to the previous post, for interested parties to read.

2) Congratulations to Beneath Ceaseless Skies, which has been vetted as a SFWA pro market! (This means they have been publishing long enough, and regularly enough, and pay their authors enough money, for SFWA to accept sales to them as qualifications for SFWA pro status. Doesn’t matter much to readers, but it’s a nice touch of certification for the magazine.)

3) Since I know I have some aspiring writers in my readership: Nalo Hopkinson is offering mentorships this spring. She is a lovely woman and an excellent writer; I’ve never worked with her in a professional capacity, nor gotten any critiques from her, but what I know is enough to make me recommend this wholeheartedly to folks looking for some guidance and feedback. I’m sure she’ll put you through boot camp, but you’ll come out the other side much better for it. (And unlike Clarion et al, this is novel-focused, and you don’t have to leave home for six weeks.)

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