begin as you mean to go on

So far today, I have eaten cinnamon rolls, done some leisurely prep for the game I’m going to run this year, visited with my brother and sister-in-law, watched TV with my husband, read (part of) a book, and taken a blissfully hot shower. In a few moments I’ll take some experimental pokes at “And Blow Them at the Moon,” which I was going to try to finish by the end of the year, until I noticed that having such a goal was really just a piece of self-imposed and unnecessary stress. So instead it will be the thing I start my year with — aside from the tail end of my copy-edits, which I’ll polish off this weekend.

As someone who firmly believes in the power of symbolic acts, I approve of the way my year has begun.

edit: AND I FOUND MY WATCH! Which has been missing since before Christmas. I’d stuffed it in the pocket of my bathrobe, which I haven’t worn in a while. Hallelujah!

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  1. c0untmystars

    I was listening to my favorite singer and working on a short story when the clock struck twelve last night, and finished the story today. Hopefully this is an auspicious beginning 🙂

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