the impossible favor

Back when I decided to spend 2008 writing In Ashes Lie rather than the Victorian Onyx Court book, the rightness of that decision was encapsulated by two things: I had both a title and an LJ icon for Ashes, and I had neither for the Victorian book.

Now it’s almost 2010, and I realio trulio am writing the Victorian book, and I still need those two things. I’m working on the title issue at the moment; I have possibilities, though all of the ones assembled so far have flaws.

But I don’t have an icon. And the problem there is, I’m not sure what I want for an icon. Midnight had Elizabeth, Ashes had the Fire, Star had the comet, but I don’t quite feel like there’s the same kind of central object in this book — except London itself, really, and it’s hard to pack the “monster city” with all its smog and townhouses and gentlemen and beggars into 100×100 pixels. The best I can think of is some pic of a Victorian-era train, especially an Underground train, but my attempts to find such on the Internet have not turned up anything that leaps out at me. This is the closest I’ve come, but it doesn’t crop to icon size very well.

So here’s the favor I’m asking. Make me some icons — no text needed, just an image that evokes gritty nineteenth-century industrial London. If I use your icon, you’ll get a prize. Most likely prospect for said prize, if you’re willing to wait, is an advance copy of A Star Shall Fall; if you’re more impatient, I’ll come up with something else. A magazine with a story of mine in, maybe. But some kind of prize for saving me from having no icon with which to post about this book.

It’s hard to ask for something like that when I’m not even sure what I want. But I figured I’d toss the net out there, and see what it pulls in.

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  1. mrissa

    Trains. Traaaaaains. Traaaaaains.

    Yes, I am a transportation zombie. I’m sorry I’m not a useful transportation zombie. I just wanted to encourage the trains.

    • Marie Brennan

      Ironically, this landed in my inbox hard on the heels of a comment from another discussion on another journal, about . . . zombies.

  2. stormsdotter

    I’m participating!

    I did a Google Image Search and found this photo: I then resized and cropped into this icon. Enjoy!

  3. pathseeker42

    Not sure how to post a picture, so I’m just using it as my own icon. It’s from this image:

  4. newsboyhat

    I’m running off to work this moment, but have you seen the BBC’s adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s “North and South”? It’s set in 1851, the year of the Great Exhibition, so it’s a bit earlier than the time you’re looking for. But when I get home later I’ll take some screencaps of the mills, the trains, and the landscape of northern industrial England (and just re-watch the series again because it’s one of my favourites).

    • newsboyhat

      Ah, I forgot about the Science Museum library of images. Here are some on the railway:

      I have larger sized images in case you’d like them 🙂

  5. ceosanna

    Well, I should be working, but this was way more fun!

    I know you said no text, but well … I can always remove it. Hee!

  6. cloudshaper2k

    Well, it’s not a train, but I modified this shot of Tom Tower into an icon. What about using a pic of an early camera since Victoria was the first British Monarch to be photographed?

  7. squishymeister

    I’m going to be in London for the next few weeks, I’ll see if I can find a good shot for ya! Any requests?

  8. everywherestars

    no trains, but a couple of Victorian icons

    from images by the fantastic Gustav Doré

  9. aliseadae

    The icon I am using for this comment is made by the fantastic and from her icon journal . I like both this icon and her icon journal in general and I think that both might work well for what you are looking for.

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