so much for my standard

It appears that some time between the last time I used Nero and now, it has turned into a bloated, computer-hijacking piece of crap. Ergo, I do not want to buy it.

I do, however, want a program with which I can design CD labels and case inserts. There are free ones out there, but all the ones I’ve seen are extremely limited. I need something that will allow me reasonably full functionality from a graphical and text standpoint — not full-scale image manipulation, since I can do that in other programs, but (at a minimum) the kind of control you’d get out of, say, MS Paint. I don’t mind paying for this; I just don’t want to pay for 270MB of crap I don’t want in order to get the 30MB I do want.

Any recommendations?

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  1. leatherdykeuk

    Publisher is generally bundled with office, or else look on c-net for a freeware

  2. Anonymous

    Try DesignPro or DesignerPro — from Avery the label people. A free download that matches up well with Avery labels by number (as most packages do). Dad

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you Anonymous, that’s a great piece of freeware!

  4. shui_long

    Have you thought of using a template in WordPerfect for this? The “labels” templates supplied with WordPerfect include the standard Avery sheets of pre-cut CD case inserts (Avery J8431 and J8432) and several versions of CD self-adhesive labels.

    Alternatively, Toolbox for WordPerfect includes instructions for setting up a template for CD case inserts, which allows you to print on normal card rather than the pre-cut Avery (or equivalent) sheets.

    Avery supplies software specifically for printing labels (Avery DesignPro), a shareware “Lite” version of which is available on-line – so you could download this and try it out. I’ve successfully used a similar program called “MediaFood Designer Tools” which was free with a pack of CD self-adhesive labels (see MediaFood Designer Tools); it used to also be available for download on the internet, but they now seem to only supply it with a purchase of their labels. It’s a bit clunky, but does work. Fellowes/Neato have something very similar, supplied free with their CD labelling system.

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