If you are a language geek . . . .

Go drool.

What I really want is, as the poster suggests, an online version integrated with the OED proper. The 4000-page doorstop sounds less user-friendly. But OMG do I want access to this book (and oh god, the things I could have done with it for Midnight, Ashes, and Star . . .).

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  1. ailaes

    Commencing drooling in 3…2…1…


  2. nipernaadi

    At least you can justify your drooling with this being a tool necessary for trade for you!

    I cannot! It is just an evil temptation – yet calling to me with siren song hard to resist!

  3. footlingagain

    Oh, that’s wonderful! Literally, as well as figuratively 😉

    *drools, both by instruction and by inclination*

  4. jenstclair

    Ooooooohhh. That would be a nice winter read. 🙂

    Of course, it’s also nice to just read the OED. My Dad has one of the older sets.

  5. wadam

    Occasionally, good deals come up for used versions of these sorts of things. I got a compact OED at Caveat Emptor last Christmas when I was visiting Bloomington for under $100. This seems a bit more specialized. But you never know. ABE Books, or some place like that, may be your friend.

    Though, you might want to do it quick, ’cause if there is an on the cheap copy out there, it is not unlikely that I’ll find it first.

  6. Anonymous

    Maybe they’ll release a Kindle version… {g}

  7. kendokamel


  8. scottakennedy

    Heh. I’m still laughing at those archaic insults. What an amazing resource that book would be. Thanks for the heads-up.

  9. janni


  10. zunger

    Oh my. I think I will begin drooling right about now.

  11. mercwriter

    WANT so much. It’s going on my Christmas wishlist, just because. O:)

  12. azorielios

    I want this very badly, and that’s said only after reading the profanity list. me and my crazy fascination with language…

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