prepping for the monsoon

Of course. I have to pick the one day it pours rain to fly to India.

(Understand: I live in a place where October is not a month in which it rains. Almost ever.)

Anyway. I’m off to India, weather permitting. Internet access will be unpredictable, so don’t expect to hear much from me for the next two weeks. But there will be pictures afterward.

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  1. kendokamel

    Have a safe trip!

  2. unforth

    Have a safe and wonderful trip! Can’t wait to see the pics!!

    Do you think you and could grab me a shot glass?

  3. d_c_m

    Wow!! Safe journey and enjoy yourself!@!!

  4. zunger

    Have a good trip!

  5. jurious

    Random greeting here from a random person. 🙂 But firstly, to be mildly topical, I’ll wish you a safe trip to India!

    I read on your profile that you like people to leave a note and say hi when they follow you, so here I am. 🙂 I’m halfway through reading your “Midnight Never Come” which I’m really enjoying – I only started reading it Monday night so I’m getting through this one very fast, since I have work and chores to do for most of the day. I’ve always loved fantasy and myth, and have had an appreciation of Tudor history instilled in me since very young (thanks in large to my mother and her picture-filled history books), so to find a mix of these in a novel has been most fulfilling and exciting. (Your story has put me in mind of Merlin, starring Sam Neil and Miranda Richardson, actually, with all the magic and all — though that is rather more ancient history).

    And, to top it all off, I think you’re rendition of Walsingham is excellent. Sir Francis is without a doubt my favourite historical figure; it’s Geoffrey Rush’s fault that I fell in love with the man, but I can’t thank him enough for it, really, since he gave me the impetus to go out and do the research and realise that Walsingham could be considered quite an unsung hero of British history – depending on one’s POV, of course. He is such a fascinating figure, and I enjoy your vision of him very much.

    Anyway… I’ll shut up now. I’m sure I’ll have finished your book by the time you’ve read this. Just wanted to thank you for an enjoyable read — and also thank you for sharing your CD mix for the story. I habitually make soundtrack lists for my little flights of fanfic and love using music to help fire my imagination. Listening to some of your choices has added an extra dimension to your already beautifully detailed story.

    All the best,
    Grace Francis (UK)

    • Marie Brennan

      I’m only just now catching up on things sent while I was gone (I blame World Fantasy for the extra delay), so I hope you have comment notifications set up, or you’ll never know I posted this.

      With that preface out of the way — thank you! I always enjoy hearing from readers, but I’ll admit there’s an extra bit of pleasure when the reader in question is familiar with the history. I kind of view that part of the story as being full of easter eggs; if you know the people or events, there are random little touches squirreled away in the narrative that will (hopefully) put a smile on your face.

      And it’s always tough when handling real historical figures, at least the ones who are well-documented; I could commit accidental violence on the personality of William Russell and nobody would know or care, but Walsingham, Dee, Elizabeth — they’re a different matter. So I’m especially glad to hear my Walsingham rings true for you.

      Thanks for commenting!

      • jurious

        Thanks for getting back to me. 🙂 I love reading historical fiction and seeing how individual authors depict well-known figures. It’s fascinating.

        I’ve been doodling a picture based on your chess scene in Midnight Never Come – it’s no way near done yet, and I overstated the chess pieces a little, but it’s my favourite scene and I had to attempt to put it to paper.

        A Strange Game of Chess

        All the best,
        ~Grace Francis

        • Marie Brennan

          Oh, that’s awesome! I’m always flattered by fan art, and I’m especially glad that scene came across well for you — it’s one of my favorites, too. Please do let me know when you finish the piece.

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