Mark your calendars!

I’ve been given the go-ahead to announce a piece of delightful news: next year, I will be one of three Guests of Honor at the second annual Sirens Conference in Vail, Colorado. The theme will be “Faeries,” and my fellow GoHs will be Holly Black and <drumroll> Terri Windling.

Hoh. Lee. <faints before she can say the rest>

Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend this year (and my brother ended up scheduling his wedding for that weekend anyway), but judging by various con reports, this sounds like everything I love rolled up into one giant ball of awesome, and then dropped into a gorgeous location. Roundtables and salon-style discussions, a pleasant but not overwhelming degree of academicism, and a topic that’s focused enough to produce really great discussions, while broad enough not to limit things too much. It’s like ICFA plus.

I’m told they’ll have the website updated for next year’s conference on November 1st, so I’ll post a reminder then. In the meantime, the gist is that it will be October 7th-10th, Vail Cascade Resort and Spa, and I hope to see as many of you there as possible. It should be fabulous.

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  1. coraa

    Hurrah! I really, really enjoyed it this year — and I look forward to seeing you at it next year.

  2. akashiver

    That’s fantastic. Congratulations!

  3. mrissa

    That’s really cool. Sounds like it’s worth considering if circumstances allow.

  4. dsgood


  5. chrisondra

    That’s really awesome! Just make sure to take more money than you might otherwise. Vail is filled with rich people, and while it’s not nearly as bad as Aspen (which was absolutely terribly outlandish prices on everything), it’s still pretty bad. So I’d do that just in case.

    But congrats! So neat!

    And I fail at spelling the names of cities in one of my own states. I am officially shamed! ::hangs head::

    • Marie Brennan

      I was wondering what you meant by that first bit, yeah. 🙂

      Price was definitely one of the reasons I wasn’t able to go this year — even in the off-season, a town like that isn’t as cheap as (say) Tulsa, Oklahoma. (I probably could have afforded it, but by the time I knew that, my brother had already scheduled his wedding for the same weekend, and I’d made plans to go to India soon after. So it’s for the best.)

      On the other hand, Tulsa’s hotel prices don’t include stunning mountain views and thousand-year-old petroglyphs. So, y’know. Vail offers some benefits along with the higher cost.

  6. sartorias

    Now I simply have to go!

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