entertainment *and* a good cause

I’ve been keeping an interested eye on various crowdfunded projects, because it’s a neat (and sometimes successful) approach to publishing on the internet.

Well, this one’s a little different: Save the Dragons is not just a serialized comic fantasy novel, but fundraising for the author, who is moving from South Africa to Australia. Specifically, it’s fundraising to help him pay the quarantine costs for his family’s pets, so they won’t have to be left behind. That’s right: when you donate, you’re helping save KITTY-CATS AND DOGGIES.

I can vouch for Dave Freer, the author, being above-board. This cause is what he claims. His family is taking a gamble that they can improve their lives in Australia, and they don’t believe in abandoning the four-footed members, even if bringing them adds to the hardship. So it’s a good cause, alongside an entertaining novel. Look at my icon: Puss in Boots wants you to donate. ^_^ Check out the site, see what you think, kick a bit of help his way if you can.

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  1. amysisson

    Thanks for sharing this. I just made a small donation. I wish it could have been bigger!

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