my own version of the Bechdel Test

If a scene in a novel of mine a) has at least two female characters in it, and b) they talk to each other, then c) odds are apparently quite high that they’re talking about politics.

Srsly, girls — can’t you find something else to occupy yourselves?

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  1. Anonymous

    /houseboat here/

    So what do the men talk about? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Women, duh.

      • Marie Brennan


        If it’s my doppelganger books, there are almost no conversations between two men in the first place — the gender ratio in that series is as skewed as your most testosterone-happy fantasy, just in the other direction.

        If it’s the Onyx Court . . . yeah, they’re talking politics, too. <g> But in this particular book, if Galen’s talking to a woman, it’s almost certainly about his romantic difficulties.

  2. c0untmystars

    That sounds a bit like my life, except with writing talk in addition to the politics 🙂

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