two book-cover linkies

A cover change that makes me very happy — not to mention I think the new cover’s better anyway, more colorful and more intense. I think Justine Larbalestier got an all-round win with this one.

A cover change that doesn’t make me happy at all — right, marketing, I know, anything to move the books. But seriously.

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  1. celestineangel

    RE: Wuthering Heights… WHUT???

    ;_; This makes me so very sad. You have no idea.

    As for the other, kudos to Bloomsbury for listening.

  2. cuddlejunkie1

    er huh…for the Wuthering Heights book….heck I don’t even like the twilight covers…I like that they changed the other one though that is is great!

  3. kmousie

    confused!Spike seems to be an appropriate icon, on many levels. Argh. *headdesk*

  4. jimhines

    Are we sure the Wuthering Heights cover is genuine? It looks like a bad Photoshop job to me. (Which isn’t to say some publishers don’t use bad Photoshop jobs on their books, but…)

    • Marie Brennan

      I dunno; I haven’t looked into it further. (I kind of hope it isn’t genuine.)

      • jimhines

        Well, dang. Genuine after all. (That’s an alternate cover, I think. US vs. UK.)

        Though this could inspire whole new publicity options. Forget cover blurbs by other authors. “Jig Dragonslayer loved Midnight Never Come. Just the right heft for swatting troublesome carrion worms.”

        • Marie Brennan

          . . . okay, now I want to turn that into a meme. I wonder what books Lune would like?

        • catherinehaines

          I’m glad I don’t have to point out that one now. I remember seeing that one and thinking, “… They used the same font?” A change, to be sure, from, “But that’s not even the company that publishes Twilight!” and “But Edward and Meyer both think Wuthering Heights sucks!”

          That is followed by, “How do I even know that stuff?”

          But really now. if Twilight fans were going to read Wuthering Heights, I’m pretty sure they would have done it already and without the marketing displayed here. It’s just… tacky.

  5. scribble_myname

    I don’t think you could’ve worded my feelings better on either. :shudders at Wuthering Heights:

  6. shveta_thakrar

    I’m still delighted about Justine’s cover–while grimacing at the Brontë one. Ew.

  7. catherinehaines

    I am so glad for the first one. As for the second… I’ve seen that one around for weeks now, and I still shudder at the tacky.

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