poetical linkery

Every so often I find myself wishing I wrote poetry (or read much of it, for that matter). Alas, I am very hit-or-miss when it comes to reader-end appreciation, and my poetical output consists of one piece that maybe someday I’ll bash into a shape where I’d be willing to put it in front of editors. So mostly I’m unconnected from that world.

But I do keep a sporadic eye on places like Goblin Fruit and Mythic Delirium — and, as it turns out, those two things are in the news together right now. Rhysling Award winner Amal El-Mohtar and Jessica P. Wick, co-editors of Goblin Fruit, will be guest-editing an issue of Mythic Delirium. Mike Allen (MD’s usual editor, and also the fellow behind Clockwork Phoenix) is running a contest to promote that guest issue. Details are behind that news link, but the short form is, you’ll be entered to win a copy of MD’s 10th anniversary issue, which includes a special poem by Neil Gaiman, complete with a hand-stamped illustration. There are not many copies of this in existence, so if you’re a Neil Gaiman fanbeing, consider clicking over to see if you can get your mitts on one.

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