Things I’m very bad at

#19 – convincing myself that taking a few days off to regroup and rethink will make achieving my deadline easier, not harder.

Not sure I believe that one. But I’m trying to, right now.

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  1. time_shark

    I actually think that’s a sensible move.

  2. therinth

    Somedays, it helps. (I view it as giving my subconscious a chance to churn.)

  3. lanerobins

    It really does help. Especially if you take a few days off and get lots of sleep during that time. I tend to get crazed as deadlines approach, shorting sleep, shorting everything but THE BOOK!!!!! There’s always a point where my friends stage an intervention and tell me to take a weekend off and just breathe.

  4. janni

    I’m bad at this, too …

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