lessons I shouldn’t need to relearn

I’m currently trying to revise something, and the further I go into it, the more I’m bogging down.

Maybe because I, y’know, skipped over that one scene, the one where I need to change it around to do something new, but I’m not yet sure how I want to spin the thing I want it to do, and even once I figure that out I’ll need outside help to set up the execution correctly, and all of that’s a valid reason for skipping over it, right?

Yeah. Right. Except for the bit where I’ve snagged my narrative on a thorn, and can’t go on until I’ve un-snagged it. My alternative is a narrative with a big ol’ rip in it, and that kind of defeats the purpose of revision.

<sigh> I shouldn’t need to remind myself of these things. And yet I do, because when you get right down to it I’m lazy, and this is a big indigestible chunk of work I keep wanting to put off. But obviously it’s past time for me to writer up and deal with it already.

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  1. scribble_myname

    I love that phrase to writer up! I have a similar problem a lot of times. I don’t want to work through the junk I don’t know how to get through, even if not working through it means everything else has to wait. Ah well. We get it eventually. Good luck to you!

  2. gollumgollum

    You have my phone number, right? (;

    • Marie Brennan

      Actually, this is a tarot scene in a non-Onyx Court story. But my friendly neighborhood just helped me work through the nuts and bolts of it.

  3. c0untmystars

    Ugh. I know the feeling. For my latest thing I forced myself to write my way through scenes I was having trouble with just because I knew that sort of thing would happen, but I still ended up with holes because I had to move two chapters from near the beginning to near the end, and I have to work out the changes that will make it work.

  4. desperance

    Heh. “Writer up” has just become a part of my vocabulary. Thank you. I think.

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