two things with me in them

It being the 16th, I’m over at SF Novelists again. This month’s post, “A matter of leverage,” is about my newest favorite metaphor for characterization. Go comment over there instead of here; you don’t need an account or anything to post.

I’m also over at PodCastle, but this time in a new capacity — I’m the reader! Rachel Swirsky, editor of PodCastle and ironically-minded lady, recruited me to read a story called “In Ashes.” I haven’t listened to it myself, other than to check the sound levels before sending it off to Rachel for clean-up editing; I can’t stand listening to my own voice. (Because it never sounds the way it does in your own head, y’know?) But hopefully other people will enjoy it. If you want to comment on that one, PodCastle has both blog comment threads and a forum, so offer your feedback there.

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