Stage Two

Am now in Indiana, despite the best efforts of rental car companies to prevent me from getting here. Was in Ohio this weekend, despite the best efforts of the airline travel industry to prevent me from getting there. Will be bouncing back and forth to Chicago a couple of times in the next two weeks; hope nothing tries to prevent that. Then London. Then New York. Then home.

This trip is crazy.

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  1. ninja_turbo

    Are you in IN as in Bloomington? I’d love to sit down and grab tea sometime, since I won’t see you at the wedding (required work travel. Grr).

    Happy adventures!

  2. akashiver

    Welcome back!

    Ditto what ninja said about the meeting up.

  3. ombriel

    Ditto what ninja and shiver said about meeting up. Would love to catch up and talk about How One Revises a Novel.

  4. jenstclair

    Was in Ohio this weekend

    *waves at you from my house*

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