In which I bring up Cardea, Goddess of Door Hinges

I’m in an SF Mind Meld today, this one on the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of fantasy religions. (I have no idea why I’m at the top; maybe mine was the first response to come in. But gosh, does it make me feel conspicuous.)

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  1. c0untmystars

    I am now tempted to have my goddess character make a wise-ass remark about not having time to be bothered with door hinges…

    • Marie Brennan

      As I understand it, the process by which that came about was that the Roman pantheon assimilated a whole bunch of threshold gods, and then somebody tried to rationalize them all by assigning them different parts of the threshold. (A similar happened with wheat: one deity for the seed, one for the seed when it’s in the ground, one for the plant when it’s just beginning to sprout . . . .)

      But that doesn’t make it any less eyebrow-raising. I mean, door hinges? Really?

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