Excitement! Of a furnishings sort!

This is what a thousand bucks looks like:

Which, by my standards, is a grotesque amount of money to spend on a chair. But I’m trying to think of it less as “a chair,” more as “an investment in the future of my musculo-skeletal system.” (And probably some nerves, too.) Good office chairs are ‘spensive, and good office chairs with cervical support? I’m lucky the one I liked best turned out to be the cheapest one I was looking at.

I need to take care of my health, and that means putting an end to this chronic shoulder tension and increasing problem with lumbar stiffness. I should have made a purchase like this years ago, honestly — it isn’t like grad school doesn’t involve equally large amounts of time at the computer — but it was the full-time writer thing that made me finally bite the bullet. No more cheap chairs scrounged from used furniture stores. This is new, and well-made, and about the only thing it doesn’t do is give me a massage while I work*.

And man, you know you’re kind of a geek about your work life when the purchase of a new office chair is a really exciting event. <g>

*Though I do have one of those Homedics pads.

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  1. xmurphyjacobsx

    The thing is, you are right.

    I have a decent-but-cheap office chair and I’m not sitting in it much these days in part (LARGE part) because it presses on the back of my legs enough to cause my lower leg to swell. I mean SWELL. If I don’t sit in that chair, no swelling.

    That says something, doesn’t it? Elevating my leg, walking around every hour, stretching and bending — nothing seems to help. It’s just a poor fit. Thing is, I LIKE the chair otherwise. It’s great for my back.

    Just rotten for my legs.

    Still, that thing you have should come with space shuttle controls and a cabana boy with a fruity drink for THAT price.

  2. lady_puck9999

    WANT! My chair, provided by my friendly university, is a death trap and an incarnation of evil.

  3. zellandyne

    Ooh! Ooh! Is that a Humanscale chair? I have one of those at work and I absolutely love it! I’m trying to convince myself to get one for home, too. The one at work has been great for my carpal tunnel issues.

  4. kathleenfoucart

    Ooh, pretty! I totally understand needing something like that. My chair wasn’t exactly cheap, but it’s still not as great for full-time writing as I wish it was… Might have to save up for one of those!

  5. tezmilleroz

    *jealous* I want that chair!

  6. astres

    My lord, that’s one expensive chair.

    I sunk my money into a computer.

    • Marie Brennan

      That, too. (Mine was refusing to hold a wireless connection.) But I’ve been having increasing back problems the last year or so, ergo another bit of splurging.

  7. la_marquise_de_

    That’s a fabulous chair.

  8. d_c_m

    Most excellent!!! And yes, you need a good office chair because spine problems are no fun.

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