Britain’s Got Talent, and HOW

I can’t embed this, so you’re going to have to click through.

For my money, while the performance is undoubtedly worth watching, the thing that makes this video gold is watching all the reactions, both before and after she starts singing. If you put this scene in a movie, I’d call it way, way over the top — but when it’s real life, it’s just amazing.

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  1. mojave_wolf

    I saw/posted this too; amazing and wonderful. =)

    Also, while youtube has an embed-block; yahoo doesn’t. That’s where I got mine, and I’d never embedded anything before and it worked.

    (okay, from yahoo via here: )

    And loved your Dubai posting, btw; meant to repost that myself but let it slip by during rush.

  2. lady_puck9999

    My dad told me about that this afternoon! What serendipity!

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