Brit-picking needed

Actually, it’s not so much Brit-picking as a British copy-edit. Any chance I could get a volunteer to read over a lengthy document (~35 pages, single-spaced; aka 20K words) with an eye toward correcting it to British spelling and usage? Genuine copy-editing experience preferred, but in the absence of that, I’ll be more than happy to work with an enthusiastic hobbyist.

I’ll find something to reward you with. Probably an early copy of In Ashes Lie, if I can wheedle one out of Orbit UK. Or I’ll just mail one of my US copies, when I get them.

Drop me an e-mail (mention any relevant credentials) if you’re interested. Marie dot brennan at gmail dot com. Turnaround time on this would need to be about a week.

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  1. fjm

    Try time_freak.

    Tell her I sent you over.

  2. dyrecorn

    This concept of ‘British spelling’ amuses me.

    None of the brits I’ve ever met suggest that it might exist. ^_-

    • tchernabyelo

      I’m trying to work out how to take that remark.

      Haven’t found any way to put a positive spin on it so far. If it isn’t meant as a gratuitous sneer, please explain?

      • dyrecorn

        It’s more of a joke between myself and several British friends I correspond with, none of whom ever agree on how to spell things. It’s nothing to -actually- get offended about, nor is it meant as any sort of serious judgment about anyone.

  3. tchernabyelo

    I’m not a real copy-editor, but I play one on TV. Uh, that is to say, I’m a writer and have experience of producing technical documentation as well as fiction.

    Send it to this nickname at and I’ll run through it if you like.

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