from anghara

Ho . . . leeee . . .

I can’t decide if this is the awesomest thing ever, or soul-crushingly WRONG.

(But I can guess which side moonandserpent will fall on.)

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  1. ozziel

    This is going to be the greatest thing to come from Japan ever.

    Also, USA-GI? Hilarious.

  2. icedrake

    I’m still very confused about the name (I’ve seen the trailers, but not even googled it — I like the mystery and the slight tingle of bewilderment), but I’m definitely coming down on the “awesomest” side.

  3. stevenagy

    A definite what the hell moment that’s odd and cool at one the same time. Sort of like Watership Down crossed with Black Hawk Down.

  4. misterseth

    If you think thats wrong, check this out…

    From the country that brought us Kim Jong Il…

    I have no translation, but just for reference, I DO know the ‘cute’ animals represent the North Koreans, the ‘predators’ represent the US and UN, and the ‘rodents’ (mice, rats, etc.) are the south Koreans.

    And you thought G.I. Joe warped the minds of kids…

  5. celestineangel

    ::blinks:: Wha… What? o.o That’s… it’s like a hard-hitting, violent war movie but with digital bunnies. And… camels? Are the other ones camels?

    And of course the only other thing my mind can come up with right now is “I don’t see any cats….”

    This is something that will have to sink in before I can decide on awesome or not.

    • moonandserpent

      The cats are in the earlier version which is IIRC, set in Viet Nam.

      And yeah, I saw this on Coilhouse a while back and still can’t decide if it’s awesome or wrong.

  6. oddsboy

    Okay, okay,

    1) That’s AWESOME. A little terrible, but consider it like the poison in alkyhol.

    2) Redwall I hardly knew ye. Martin the post-Soviet KILLAH indeed.

  7. lady_puck9999

    Haha! Get ‘er done in Japanese.

  8. d_c_m

    Ok, I admit, I’m gonna watch it.

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