It’s been ten years since The Matrix came out?

This is one of those moments when I wonder where the time went. My memory of childhood is extremely spotty, so you pretty much have to get into the stuff I encountered in late high school or college before I have a “dude, I feel old” moment. But yeah — I feel old. I remember seeing that movie in theatres. (And I went having no idea what it was; thanks to a variety of factors, I’d managed to miss pretty much every bit of advertising that film had.)

Ten years. It was, in certain respects, such a landmark film, and now all of a sudden I’m looking at it as a historical artifact.


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  1. c0untmystars

    That kind of thing happens to me more and more these days. Like realizing that The X-Files, which I watched in its first run, premiered sixteen years ago.

  2. squishymeister

    yeah, stuff like that always catches me off guard too

  3. misterseth

    I feel the same way about the films I liked in th 80S!
    And that was TWENTY years ago!

  4. locke61dv

    Wow, I fortuitously just posted a list of RPG-hacks to kinda-sorta-freeform a game based on the Matrix.


    (Apologies if it’s inscrutable.)

    It started with me writing my thoughts out on what the Matrix films meant to me:


  5. eclectician

    Dude. What prompted this one?

    On the down side, it’s also been 10 years since Georgie dashed all our hopes with Episode One.

  6. daobear

    Yeah, I remember seeing the Matrix for the first time in the theatre. It completely blew my mind. I was still in high school then. I still think of it as one of my favorite movies, although I was disappointed with the rest of the trilogy.

    I wonder if our kids will think it is as cheesy and 70’s action movies seem today.

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