Good-bye, April Fools.

My LJ was remarkably quiet today, and featured a dearth of attempts at jokes. From this I conclude that most of you were hiding from the Internet, afraid of being suckered in.

(The only one that actually got me today? An announcement that Norm Coleman had conceded the Minnesota Senate election. I wish.)

Anyway, now that’s over, have a bunny! Or, to be more precise, a baby fennec hare. Dear moonandserpent: don’t click on that link until you’re seated in a comfortable chair, because it’s going to turn you to a puddle of cuteness-induced goo.

0 Responses to “Good-bye, April Fools.”

  1. d_aulnoy

    Oh, dear god.



  2. kernezelda

    That has to be one of the most adorable baby critters I’ve ever seen in my life.

  3. preraphaelite

    You are a bad, bad woman. (:

  4. mrissa

    Having two Senators is immodest and un-Minnesotan anyway. Although! This reminds me that I should post that Timprov and I have devised an ingenious new method for selecting a Senator!

  5. kendokamel


    Personally, I find Netherland Dwarfs (Dwarves?) to be the ultimate in non-lop bunneh cuteness.

  6. jadasc

    Apparently two of them got you. The “fennec hare” is a photoshopped kitten.

  7. delkytlar

    HA! You fell for it. You only *think* I didn’t post a joke yesterday. APRIL FOOL!

  8. moonandserpent

    That is cute, but being a photomanip it doesn’t have power over me. Actually it’s kind of creepy looking. 🙂

  9. laceymcbain

    Oh, dear God, that animal is … I don’t think cute is even the right word. It’s tragically beautiful. Jeez.

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