Tonight’s packing-induced revelation

I am somehow taken by surprise every time I notice something is wearing out.

What, you mean I can’t wear a pair of pants, or a shirt, or shoes, for eight or ten years and have them still be in good condition? You mean these things are less durable than, say, the Pyramids of Giza?

Somehow this both startles and offends me, as if it is not the natural order of things.

Well, at least I get my money’s worth out of what I own. But it’s very annoying to me when something falls apart after less than a decade of constant wear. I mean, really.

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  1. danielmc

    i blame your secret life as a interdimensional ninja assassin.

    oh crap…outer voice.


  2. diatryma

    I am still a little upset that my favorite jeans wore out. All the jeans I bought just after college have died by now, mostly to the same hole forming. Now I have lots of scrap denim and new favorite jeans.

    Meanwhile, the jeans I bought halfway through college, which were never very comfortable, which now bring up bad feelings toward the roommate who encouraged/pushed me to buy them, have lasted some six years, including three of heavy wear.

  3. d_aulnoy

    Couldn’t agree more – my “Batman’s Closet” of identical black Michael Stars shirts has been sadly depleted by the passage of time. And what’s worse, they no longer seem to make that pattern!

  4. daydreammuse

    Hear you loud and clear. I am especially fond of my jeans and can’t really deal with having them let go, because they have holes and miss buttons and are frayed and people begin to wonder whether they are stuck in a time loop, when they see me, but seriously I ask the same.

  5. mmegaera

    Where on earth do you find clothes that last that long???

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