File Under “Sad But True”

Conventions have become my major reason for cutting my hair.

For those of you who don’t know: it’s down to somewhere in my waist-to-butt range, depending on when I last got it cut. It got that long because in high school I fell into a pattern where I’d forget to get it cut for, oh, a year at a time? I’m better now, but I still regularly go six months or more without thinking about it. And when I do think of it . . . yeah, it’s often because I’m about to go to a con and decide I should clean up the ends a bit.

Which is a wordy way of saying I got three inches whacked off today, and ICFA was the occasion. I head out on Wednesday, and am looking forward to poolside conviviality that legitimately doubles as work.

Between now and then, though — time for some work-work.

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  1. kendokamel

    Did you do the snipping or did you have someone else do it? (And if so, did they charge you an unreasonable fee because, “long hair is harder to work with”?)

    • Marie Brennan

      No, I just go to whatever’s the most convenient SuperCuts or Great Clips or whatever, and get a cheap haircut. All I want is my hair whacked off in a straight line; it isn’t like I need to pay for a fancy stylist.

  2. xmurphyjacobsx

    Same boat here, only I really detest having someone mess with my hair. It just irritates me. So, yeah, I go about once a year to get some inches whacked off.


  3. stormsdotter

    Intro Comment

    Hello! I’m Anakin the Fangirl, and I saw your icon on ‘ lj, and wandered over to look at yours. I saw your note about viewers and am watching your Journal. Please feel free to do the same if you want to listen to me ramble about writing, boffer building, costuming and assorted craziness.

  4. diatryma

    I get my hair cut before Alpha. That’s about it. The last time, I realized I was very tense and not trustful.

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