Flycon reminder

In about forty minutes, I’ll be paneling on the topic of fantasy and history, and then two hours after that (5 p.m. Pacific time; adjust as appropriate for your zone) I’ll be live for an author chat.

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  1. mojave_wolf

    I tried several times to get in to your author chat ‘tween 5 and 5:30 and kept getting error messages. I just tried again and it worked perfectly, but alas the author is no longer you. I’m looking up their bio now . . .

    (the convention has been a fun thing to read, but my comp-stupid self has spent more time figuring out how things work than actually reading/following anything. The fantasy and history panel is interesting, tho.

    • Marie Brennan

      Aw, I’m sorry! There’s definitely been some confusion and complications on a technical front; I hope future iterations of the con iron those out. (I hope there are future iterations of the con.)

      • mojave_wolf

        ere are more (and that the tech issues are easier to resolve).

        Part of my problem is I’ve never learned more than the bare minimum I’ve needed for computers, so a lot of the time I have no idea if it’s a glitch or my lack of familiarity with newsgroups and IRC. Thus far I think it’s been a mix.

        Still, cool idea and some of what I’ve seen has been great.

        (and damn, I don’t get to ask why you changed the title of doppleganger & Warrior & Witch etc)

        • mojave_wolf

          errr, speaking of me screwing things up, I cut off the beginning.

          “I hope there are more” should have been the start of that.

        • Marie Brennan

          My publisher wanted the titles to more obviously go together — part of the repackaging with the covers, etc, so that the books looked like a series. (I suspect not everyone over there loved Doppelganger as a title, either, though I liked it. Warrior and Witch was the one I was okay with seeing go; my original title for that was Witch Hunt, and I preferred that, but someone else in the company was publishing another book under the same title at the same time, and it caused confusion in the production department.)

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