On the (internet) radio!

I haven’t listened to it myself (other than, y’know, while it was happening), so I have no idea how this turned out. But we had fun. For my part, you can listen and find out such gems as what I think of “writer’s block,” and which false dichotomy I reject! (I think it was the same one I rejected at VeriCon, actually; I recycle my smart-ass lines. Waste not, want not. ^_^)

Edited to add: Gah! I had the speakers off on my computer, so didn’t notice the player automatically starts up. That’s deeply obnoxious — to the point where I think I may tell the folks responsible for it that they should change the settings ASAP. Anyway, my apologies for the victims of it before I put in the LJ-cut.

Edit #2: I’ve found the auto-start in the code and killed it.

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  1. querldox

    Please edit to put the player under a cut; it’s apparently set to start playing whenever visual, which is a real pain on Friends pages.

  2. benbenberi

    Like she said – this auto-plays as soon as any page with the widget on it loads — which is both confusing and disturbing when it shows up at the bottom of the page and you don’t know it’s there.

    PLEASE put it under a cut ASAP!!!!!

    (And include a warning about the auto-play, please. There are a lot of situations where it’s not a pleasant surprise.)

  3. mmegaera

    Thirding this. It’s seriously obnoxious not to be able to choose to play it rather than have it start automatically.

  4. squishymeister

    you have a great radio voice!

    oh, and hearing you on the internets is super weird!

    • Marie Brennan

      Hearing myself is super-weird, whether it’s internets or video or whatever, so I’m glad you think my voice comes across well. I have no perspective, ’cause I can’t even bring myself to listen to it.

  5. milbrcrsan

    You and your “shiny” stuff. LOL

    Thank you for posting this, I had a great time listening and definitely got some great tips and advice from it! I do have to agree with you on your idea about having the story be both plot and character driven…and unfortunately, the same to writer’s block – whether I actually call it that or not, I tend to just let that I can’t write be and don’t often try. Of course, I hadn’t even known I was consciously doing it until you brought that up. lol

    Also, while writing for the sake of writing sounds great, you have officially intimidated me when it comes to be a published writer… :p

    • Marie Brennan

      I really do mean it about the writer’s block, too. There’s a word of difference between “I can’t write because subconsciously I’d rather be playing Portal” and “I can’t write because I’m suffering from undiagnosed clinical depression.” Or whatever.

      As for intimidating? Man, I find it embarassing that I wrote six novels before selling one. <g>

      • milbrcrsan

        Oh, I could tell by the tone in your voice you were completely serious. Dammit, now I feel guilty for not writing when I should/can. *headdesk* I have the worst case of laziness ever and it makes it worse that I enjoy writing. I could understand not wanting to because I dislike it, but I actually love writing! How odd indeed…LOL

        And I’d consider myself lucky even if I had written twice that amount before ever getting published. But going back to the laziness, I think also my difficulty writing probably has to do that I compare my work to yours, or any other author I like, and then that intimidation greatly increases…Apparently that podcast has been more self-enlightening that what meant to be. :p

        • Marie Brennan

          What makes you think we weren’t aiming to provoke enlightenment? ^_^

          This is one of the cases where I think it helps to have little rituals for your writing — certain music, or tea, or whatever. Something that’s psychologically easier for you to do than Sitting Down to Write. But if you make yourself pair that with then writing, after a while you’ll train your brain to associate those little rituals with it being time to work. For me, the problem is activation energy: once I’m over that hump, I’m fine. And things like music can help get me over it.

          • milbrcrsan

            Rituals, huh? I like that idea. 🙂 And rewarding myself after writing the goal amount with say a piece of chocolate could work too…it’s just a shame I probably would cheat after a while. lol

            I will have to think what do, besides music. That’s always required. LOL Thank you, though, for the many tips you’ve given me……at least I’m almost done with my novel finally. :p

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