Spent a chunk of this evening reading a YA novel . . . that I didn’t actually like or care about very much. The prose was painful, the characters were shallow, the world-concept interesting but not deployed very well at all, and I’m still not sure why I finished it. The obvious answer is that the author somehow got me to invest in the story enough that I wanted to know how it ended, but it didn’t feel like that was true while I was reading it, and then I got to the end and was not surprised to find it disappointing. I may have to chalk this one up to inertia, pure and simple: having started, I just kept coasting.

At least I was semi-skimming for the last half or so. It therefore ate less of my evening than it might have.

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  1. diatryma

    I have done that. Sometimes, a book is bad in clear enough ways that I start getting analytical about it– “The reason I do not like this book I am still reading is that the characters are made of suck– yup, there’s another example.” I never read books I like so closely, or even books I have written about.

    I am, of course, curious as to what gave you this reaction. I’ve been bingeing on Nora Roberts and waiting for new books to come out.

    • Marie Brennan

      Epic, by somebody-or-another Kostick — too lazy to go downstairs and check.

      I wasn’t analytical about it; I was just bored.

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