Things that warm the cockles of my heart, #19

I didn’t watch Obama’s speech tonight, but I did just come across a thirty-second clip that put a big ol’ grin on my face. It consisted of two guys (I have no idea who they are, sorry; I am painfully ignorant of Congressional procedure) announcing loudly, “Madam Speaker, the President of the United States!” And then cheering and there’s Obama, heading out to make his first address to Congress.

Madam Speaker.

President Barack Obama.

The future is not so bright I gotta wear shades, but things like that do make it shine a bit.

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  1. icedrake

    In no connection to the above post, I was very disappointed earlier today.

    There I was, at *Powell’s*, in the Gold Room (SF/F section) and browsing through the middle B’s. Bear, Brin, Bull… Brennan… Waitasec, whaddaya mean I own all of these already?

    (when’s the next one coming out, again? I need my fix!)

    • Marie Brennan

      Eee! You have an Aubrey and Maturin icon. <hearts>

      It’s especially appropriate since Paul Bettany is my casting for Jack Ellin, in the upcoming book . . . which comes out in June.

      • icedrake

        I er… I do? The icon is self-made, based on a Douglas Adams short short titled “the sign at the end of the universe.”

        You have no idea how confused you’ve just made me, though 🙂 (I’m sorry if I have subsequently disappointed you in my lack of historical geekitude)

        • Marie Brennan

          Er? Is this LJ doing one of its “I will choke on a hairball and give you a random icon!” things? Because I see Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany from Master and Commander.

  2. tbclone47

    Better yet…it took him 15 minutes to leave the chamber because he was basically mobbed for handshakes and…autographs!

    • Marie Brennan

      Heh. We have a rock star for a President — at a time when all that charisma and goodwill is not only useful but essential to getting things done.

  3. c0untmystars

    That made me happy. I watched the speech as well… I still kind of have to pinch myself and say yes, it actually happened, Barack Obama is our President.

  4. matociquala

    I keep wanting to polish it a bit.

  5. d_c_m

    Madam Speaker.

    President Barack Obama.
    Oh hells yes!!!!!!!

  6. mmegaera

    It does tend to make one grin a bit, doesn’t it?

  7. strangerian

    Congress is still mostly white guys, but there are enough women to notice — and a much higher proportion in the Cabinet. Ditto PoC. And Obama routinely says “men and women…” when he means “people.”

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