a star in the sky

Can anybody tell me what planet I’ve been seeing in the sky lately? I keep noticing it in the vicinity of the moon, in the western part of the sky, and it’s quite bright. Is that Venus, or something else?

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  1. kendokamel

    I believe you are correct – it’s Venus. (And how about its juxtaposition with the moon, recently? Very cool!)

  2. ckd

    Space.com says:Venus has no rival in the early evening sky. It is dazzlingly bright and hard to miss if the sky is clear and you are facing the southwest as it gets dark. On the 14th, it is at its greatest elongation East, meaning that it is at its best in the early evening southwestern sky. Look for the Moon nearby on the 29th and 30th.So Venus is both really bright and near the moon at the moment. Sounds like a match.

  3. diatryma

    Sigh. I was so hoping it would be Jupiter. There were a couple winters that I kept track of Jupiter and Saturn, then I ended up here with a washed-out sky. Venus is good. Venus is new. But Venus is not my planet.

  4. kadnkadnk

    I don’t know about out in the west, but here in MA I’ve been seeing Venus quite clearly for the past month or so. It’s been while putting the baby (okay, she’s nearly 2) to bed, so facing west-southwest and between 7 and 8pm, eastern time.

  5. Anonymous

    Strangely enough, it’s actually my pants.


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