graphical help needed

Sadly, while I can get around in Paint, there are a great many things that program can’t do. And I still have not figured out the first blessed thing about working in the GIMP, which may be a great open-source alternative to Photoshop, but is about the least user-friendly program I have ever seen, at least where new users are concerned. And I don’t own Photoshop.

So. I need assistance from someone who is good at placing text on an image. The aforementioned text needs to follow the contours of certain features on the image, which is what I can’t manage on my own. It shouldn’t be a huge amount of work — maybe thirteen words all told. And it needs to be done quickly. Any volunteers?

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  1. kurayami_hime

    Perhaps not with this problem, but maybe Gimpshop could help for future projects?

  2. lordlothair

    Let me know what you need done, and shoot me the text fonts and image and I can knock that out for your rather quickly. I love messing with Photoshop.

  3. novalis

    Inkscape lets you place text on a path pretty easily, fwiw.

  4. danielmc

    sounds like lothair has you covered.
    for future reference, it is what i do for a living (or at least part of it…)

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