0 Responses to “things I have not missed about living in Boston”

  1. kurayami_hime

    To prepare you for coming home. Winter came back.

    • Marie Brennan

      The forecast high here tomorrow is TWENTY. Fifty is balmy by comparison.

      • kurayami_hime

        Well, yes, but when it’s been 75 for a week, 50 is freaking cold.

        Also, we are all pansy wusses out her in the land of Fruits and Nuts.

      • unquietsoul5

        Hey, it’s 8 right now in Cambridge… and -5 out in parts of Western MA. This the winter of discontent…. most are around here -)

      • drydem

        um, your low for yesterday is Chicago’s high for today.

        • Marie Brennan

          1) I never claimed I was in the coldest place on earth.

          2) This is high on the list of reasons why I never want to live in Chicago.

          3) The real problem was that the cold front I expected to come through Saturday night instead came through around midday Saturday, and I had packed only one sweater warm enough for that weather — which was not the sweater I was wearing that day, seeing as how I was saving it for Sunday. The next day wasn’t particularly warmer than the previous evening, but I coped with it much better.

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