things I have not missed about living in Boston

#1 — all the static electricity that makes my hair almost impossible to brush. (Even with an anti-static brush.)

But I’m here, and I haven’t frozen to death yet, and my first panel is at 6 tonight, with Elizabeth Bear (matociquala, Catherynne Valente (yuki_onna), and Kim Stanley Robinson (is he on LJ? I doubt it).

Also, I’m signing tomorrow, at the Harvard Bookstore, at 1:45. And then another panel at 3.

Assuming I don’t freeze to death.

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  1. novalis

    Please tell to send my regards to General Putnam. I miss him already.

  2. tooth_and_claw

    Man, now there’s two people I want to see on that panel. 🙁

  3. matociquala


    Here in cambridge, and have the internets working. See you soon!

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