a followup to that safety thing

I don’t know if all the details on this are right (I’m confident there’s more we aren’t being told about), but this diagram of the new presidential limo is eye-opening.

Sure, its mileage is in Hummer territory, and it won’t be winning any races — but this thing could eat Hummers for breakfast and keep on rolling.

And the bottles of blood are a nice touch, if more than a little creepy.

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  1. gollumgollum

    Bottles of blood? Really? That seems…unlikely, as blood’s not all that stable (what, are they tapping him once a month?), nor is it easy to deploy. I mean, yeah, you can pop a needle in him, but…really?

    • kendokamel

      I have a hard time believing everything on that diagram.

      Well, except maybe the part about the asteroids. I mean, if you’re talking about a serious threat, that would be it. (;

      • Marie Brennan

        Oh, I firmly believe the basics, like the armor-plating, the run-flat tires, and so on. That’s pretty much standard-issue for vehicles of this kind. Much of the rest of it is pretty plausible, too, like the device to prevent a tank explosion, and defensive equipment. This isn’t old-school Bond gadgetry; it’s the kind of stuff I would build in if I were trying to protect the occupant, and money were no object.

  2. misterseth

    Talk about pimping your ride…

  3. d_c_m

    I want one!!!!

  4. erdedrache

    Nice! Now Obama can cruise through minefields in style. 😉

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