Dude, this thing is HUGE.

I know that by the standards of modern monitor-dom, what’s sitting in front of me is kind of old-fashioned and poky. But there’s a 19-inch LCD on my desk now, and man, it’s going to take a while to get used to it.

Many thanks to kurayami_hime, who couriered it from Dallas, and to my parents, who donated it to the cause of bringing their daughter’s computer setup into the 21st century.

I can see, like, an entire page in Wordperfect now. Seeing as how I write in 12-point Times New Roman instead of standard manuscript format largely because it allows me to see more of the text at once, this is a non-trivial benefit. Also, there’s no longer a monitor stand taking up a chunk of desk — this one sits high enough on its own — and while I’ll miss the middle-shelf space the stand provided, it’s probably a good thing, given my propensity for losing things into the dusty back reaches of that shelf. Hey, now I’ve got space to put a book on the desk in front of me! Such luxury we have here at Castle N, Home Office Edition.

The cleaning of the Augean office got about four-fifths done and then stalled; I do need to finish it. But not tonight, nor tomorrow neither — not with the stupid respiratory bug that has camped out in my sinuses. My energy is reserved for getting some revision done tonight.


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