a question for the SFWA types

As you know, Bob, the Nebula rules are a hair on the arcane side. So if somebody familiar with the process could pipe up in the comments and let me know if I’ve got this right, it would be much appreciated.

According to this Nebula report, Midnight Never Come is on the list of “recommended works.” My understanding is that this doesn’t just mean it’s eligible; it means at least one SFWA member has nominated it for the ballot. Am I correct so far?

And then it takes ten nominations to get on the Preliminary Ballot, yes? So here’s where I get confused. The whole “rolling eligibility” thing means, if I understand it, that MNC could be on the ballot for either 2008 or 2009. Does it have to get those ten recommendations before June of 2009 (one year after first U.S. publication), or before December of 2009 (end of calendar year after end of first year of publication)? The former makes more sense, but also seems like a lot more bookkeeping work for the awards folks. Then again, that would be in line with the kind of complaints I’ve heard about Nebula rules, so I’m guessing that’s the right answer.

It’s likely to be an academic curiosity, since I don’t expect to end up on the Preliminary Ballot. But this is the first time I’ve had cause to look at the Nebula rules, and I want to make sure I understand them right.

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  1. jimhines

    Yep, it means at least one person recommended it for a Nebula. If 10 people recommend it, you’re on the preliminary ballot. Then we get first-round voting, and the top 5 or so works make the final ballot.

    Eligibility means you can collect recommendations through June of 2009. If you were to get all ten recommendations before 12/31/08, you’d be on the 2008 preliminary ballot. If it takes until June of 2009 to get those ten recommendations, you’d be on the 2009 preliminary ballot.

    And hopefully if I’ve messed anything up, someone wiser will come along to correct me 😉

    • nojojojo

      Yes, that’s how I understand it, although I’m a shiny brand new SFWA member and haven’t even managed to get access to the forums yet (::sigh:: — the only reason I even *want* access is to watch the Neb ballotting).

    • Marie Brennan

      That makes sense, for values of “sense” that equal “yeah, that is a little byzantine, isn’t it?”


  2. celestineangel

    Oh, hey, this means I need to get started on reading the copy I bought the other day. 😀

  3. time_shark

    I can’t nominate or vote, but I have Forum access. I’ll shoot you an e-mail.

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